Hospitality Property School Group Member-Special Annually

Hospitality Property School Group Membership Banner Hospitality Property School Group Member-Special Annually



As a member of the Hospitality Property School Group, you will have access to:


Actionable Workbooks

Actionable workshops are a series of short mini-courses that you can study and then utilize the best practices for your business.


The design of the courses is the result of decades of experience that have given us insight into the wants, needs & requirements of hospitality property guests, management & employees.


You have access to the free resources download centre designed to help streamline your organizational structure, grow your bookings & increase your bottom line. As a member, you deserve a break. Keystone HPD has created a number of training tutorials, ebooks, audiobooks & video production opportunities and you can SAVE up to 50%.

Member Properties

What makes your property special? Tell us about your property, your region, your success stories, your great employees, your favourite guests. Every month we’ll pick one to highlight on the group site.

Q & As

Do you have a question? Ask them here and let the experts in our community share their thoughts, tell their stories & best practices. In this section, we’ll catalogue the best responses.

Community Voice

Have you had any game-changing ideas? Tell us in the “Community Voice” section and we’ll share the ones we like here and in the monthly update.

You’ll Also Find Material on The Following Topics:

  • Your Guests
  • Personal/Employee Development
  • Facility
  • Marketing
  • Hospitality Property Checklists
  • Trends
  • Technology
  • Operations Manual Development
  • Interviews
  • Webinars
  • Ted Talks
  • INNsider Tips
  • Hospitality Property School Podcast

Within the group, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, share best practices, promote your property etc.

Plus, be able to watch the training tutorials, the video podcasts and listen to the interviews when it fits into your schedule.

This is your group and we want you to benefit to the fullest.

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