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You are on the way to getting your own Hospitality Property Promotional Video to be utilized as you wish: on your website, social media platforms, on YouTube or any other video platforms, at special events.


For us to begin creating the best promotional video possible for your property, we’ll need the following from you:



We will be using 12 – 14 images for your video but to give us the best tools to work with, we would like the following images and information from you.

(You can use a photographer for this project, or in our experience, a good smartphone and a steady hand can also do the job.)


The better quality the pictures, the better the video.

(Images should be high quality at least 1280 X 720 pixels)


Check out this video for more Tips for Taking Amazing Photos 


How to send images

The most efficient way to get us your images is to put them in a zip file.  If you do not have a zip file program, here are two options that work well.

They can be found at:





Upload your pictures to a folder on your computer, zip it and then email it to.

(Include your property name in the subject line)


If you are not clear on how to do this, watch this video.

How to Use Winzip

How to Use 7-zip


Professionally recorded voiceover

Find attached tips and a sample of a video script (max 150 words)


Fill in the appropriate information and we’ll get to your video as quickly as possible.

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We try to complete our projects in a timely manner and currently the average video production is taking 14 – 21 working days to complete.


All Work is Guaranteed